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Simple Recipes for Dating Success

EatSleepRecipeRepeat (previously SexyCooking) blog publishes simple, sexy recipes for dating success & creating impact on dates. Cooking is a sexy skill that anyone can learn and Sexy Cooking recipes describe cooking methods, background information about ingredients and culinary tricks to give you the flair of a celebrity chef.

After 20 years running businesses in various sectors including digital, travel & catering - I have 'retired' & have the luxury of time to focus on the things I love doing - travelling, kitesurfing, snowboarding & cooking. That journey is recorded on my Instagram account (@a_scandi_kitesurf_food_travels) with simple daily recipes & photos of my travels exploring the world finding new foods, restaurants, food markets & inspired recipes.

What was the Sexy Cooking Website?

When I closed the SexyCooking website in 2012, many amazing recipes with their detailed food chemistry & interesting historical facts disappeared from the web. In 2018, I rebranding as the EatSleepRecipeRepeat blog & transferring hundreds of the recipes one-by-one (and re-photographing sometimes) whilst my Instagram account is linked to this website & publishes my simpler Joe Wicks 'lean-in-15' style recipes & travels in realtime.

I generally publish one new recipe per day on Instagram but at the Sexy Cooking blog, you'll find the more detailed recipes and more information about cooking. Developing the cooking skills to wow potential partners will extend your confidence in the kitchen and in everyday life, changing cooking from a chore into an art form you are an expert in.

Food Tours of France

SexyCooking ran ‘Explore Normandy by Taste’ two-day culinary experiences for budding chefs to explore the the tastes around Cherbourg, France on a day trips. No previous experience was required with clients taken through the basics of finding the freshest ingredients – how to recognise fresh fish, how to avoid dead shellfish and more. The SexyCooking three-hour cookery course used the fresh ingredients sourced the previous day.

Typical ingredients sourced include Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue oysters, confit de canard, Barfleur mussels, French breads, fresh vegetables and local herbs with recipes such as Herb de Provence Crusted Confit de Canard with Marmalade Jus.

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