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From 2010, Jan-Erik Paul ran a monthly pop-up restaurant in Bournemouth The Bournemouth Supper Club, a monthly event held in Bournemouth & which featured in Tripadvisor's 'Top 5 Food Destinations' chart.

In 2019, the Bournemouth Supper Club is working with Salt Co, helping offer the finest dining experience in Bournemouth & Dorset with award-winning chefs focused on inventive, quality menus. The Salt Co pop-up restaurant is held on a monthly basis by Salt Co chefs, Christian & Nico, who host their amazing events at Plates & Co in Westbourne, Bournemouth.

History ...

With a menu starting at £25 for 3 courses of amazing food in a dinner party / restaurant setting by the sea. Each month features a different theme, such as 'Asia Renewed' (evening of Asian food & culture), 'Business Dragons' (contemporary experimental food & business banter), 'Olde English' (classic English food & general chat) & 'Saffas' (authentic South African food).

The menu offers season, quality food at affordable prices for the right reasons – an underground restaurant doesn’t have the overheads of a traditional restaurant. That means the Bournemouth Supper Club can focus 100% on delivering amazing quality food. Jan-Erik Paul prepares a unique menu for each event. Food is a continually evolving art and week by week new innovations & ingredients are introduced into cooking.

The Bournemouth Supper Club doesn’t follow trends however – it creates them.

Previous supper club events

We know that book clubs do not cut the mustard anymore, so our the Bournemouth Supper Club is a chance to meet local women to chat about the things that really matter to you, together with amazing food at a price that won’t break the bank.

Starter: Champagne duck pate with onion marmalade & toasted sourdough bread
Main: Slow-roasted beef brisket with redcurrant & mustard jus / green bean gratin / roasted potatoes.
Dessert: Orange & Dark Chocolate Mousse

Bournemouth’s food culture revolution continues in November with the next Bournemouth Supper Club. If you are unfamiliar with ‘supper clubs’, it is neither restaurant nor dinner party, but both at once’ according to The Guardian. A chef opens their home to guests, creating a pop-up restaurant for one night, where guests provide a ‘donation’ for the food provided and everyone can bring their own booze (saving on expensive wine cost in restaurants).

November’s Bournemouth Supper Club is Asian themed, so join us on Friday the 4th of November to dine in asian ambience with Japanese lanterns, classical asian opera music & chopstick dexterity challenges for an Asian dining & social experience not to be missed.

Aperitif: Warm apricot Sake
Starter: Rare fillet steak salad with ginger & chilli on bock choy
Main: Vietnamese caramelised cinnamon pork with peanut noodles
Dessert: Mango Thai sticky rice pudding with lime & coconut sorbet

About Chef Jan-Erik Paul

"My cookery influences are truly international. I was originally taught cookery by my grandmother in Finland, who cooked for the likes of JFK in American while working as a diplomat. Whilst at school, my best friend’s father taught my how to cook fantastic Persian food. At university, I lived in a house with two Kenyan Indians, who showed me the subtleties of Indian cookery (I never knew that it was the Europeans who introduced the chilli to India!). After university, I took some time out to do snowboard seasons and worked in chalet kitchens, as well as fine restaurants to gain a better appreciation of French cookery."

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