Mason jar confit duck in olive oil & garlic

Mason jar confit duck in olive oil & garlic

I cook for myself quite often and whilst it can be a lot of effort, confit duck is one of my favourite things to prepare. However, I find making one or two duck legs requires so much duck fat to prepare that I feel guilty … until I tried making it in mason jar!

Prepare the duck by patting dry and liberally covering in salt / aromatics (like lemon zest or bay leaves or thyme) before leaving for 24 hrs to ‘cure’. The curing process draws moisture out of the meat firming it up & killing micro-organisms.

After 24 hrs, remove the duck legs, brush off salt & stuff into mason jar, packing in tightly (I find that two legs fits in ideally). Throw in a few cloves of garlic & fill the jar with olive oil before putting into cold oven.

Set temperature to 145 degrees & cook in oven for at least 2 hours - the duck & garlic in the jars should release occasional bubble but should NOT be boiling. Boiling means the temperature in oven is too hot! Once cooked, the duck will be intensely flavoured & super tender = a bit difficult to get out of the jar without pulling apart, so be gentle when removing the duck leg.

You can roast the duck leg in oven now for around 20 minutes to crisp up the skin and you can use the garlicky duck fat / olive oil mixture as a most delicious coating for roast potatoes (or for another couple of duck legs a few weeks later!)

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