The best breads from supermarkets for the pure pleasure of bread & butter

The best of the best breads from supermarkets

During my time running a digital agency, I had an unnamed 'bake-in-store' cookie company as a client. At the meetings at their production facilities, I saw unique recipes of chocolate chip cookies being prepared on mass for different supermarkets brands. All were 'chocolate chip cookies' by name but made to different specification & quality before making their way to their specific supermarkets across the UK.

So what does that have to do with the best supermarket breads?

As my tastes have become simpler (relatively speaking, that is), I have been eating simpler, with bread & butter becoming a firm favourite meal or snack. This means I've been eating my way through all the different kinds of breads available from different supermarkets in their 'freshly baked' bread section.

Great bread is a very satisfying yet simple enjoyable meal, even when served just with butter (but don't get me started on comparing butters!) But I am now VERY particular about which bread I will buy from each supermarket, as each supermarket seems to have their own 'super bread', so to speak.

The simple pleasure of bread with butter has taken A LOT of testing the various breads available at different supermarkets and whilst everyone's taste profiles are unique, I thought I'd share my thoughts and my 'best freshly baked supermarket breads' list.

The best freshly baked supermarket breads - the only bread to buy by supermarket

Tesco 'Tesco Cranberry Raisin And Cashew Bloomer' - £1.60

Lets start with the UK's largest supermarket brand - the 'Tesco Cranberry Raisin And Cashew Bloomer'. This is a more sophisticated bread we are dealing with here but it has a lovely buttery taste and the addition of fruit makes this bread go well with cheddar cheeses which are naturally complemented by chutneys. It keeps rather well, as which useful if you don't want to keep visiting the supermarket.

9/10 for taste just with butter
6/10 for flexibility with other fillings

Waitrose 'Stone Baked Grand Rustique' - £1.10

I've loved this bread for years, mainly due to it's lovely chewy texture & crisp exterior. It is very versatile, as it is a standard wheat bread (rather than a rye or sourdough) and is great for making open sandwiches or for serving with soups.

8/10 for taste just with butter
8/10 for flexibility with other fillings

Lidl 'Fig and Walnut Bread' - £1.29

This has a bread has a lot going on - it's a dense bread that feels more Germanic (and is appropriately enough from Lidl). It works well with plain butter but the sweetness of the figs means it lends itself very well to the addition of something like a blue cheese with a strong, salty flavour.

9/10 for taste just with butter
7/10 for flexibility with other fillings

Fazer Reissumies Rye Bread - 3.20 Euros

If you are lucky enough to have access to this Scandinavian bread, it holds up to a toasting very well & when buttered (and the butter has melted), this is the best toasted bread you'll ever have. It is used to make a mean Rye Bread Hamburger in Finland.

10/10 for taste just with butter (when toasted)
7/10 for flexibility with other fillings

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