Sunny, early morning start for BBQ offset smoker cooked pork shoulder that I've been marinading for 24 hrs

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It's a lovely sunny, early morning - so time to start cooking the lovely pork shoulder that I've been marinading for 24 hrs in smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, brown sugar & salt.

To start the grilling / smoking process, I've lightly wrapped in banana leaves to keep the flavours / juices inside the package whilst giving the meat a 4 hr smoke on my offset smoker before transferring  into a slow cooker. All the lovely smokey flavours will have already penetrated the meat and it’s just about continuing the cooking process at a steady, low cooking temperature to breakdown all the fats, collagen & tougher tissues in the meat.

I could also continue the cook on the smoker but this would involve 'wrapping' the meat in foil to allow the internal temperature to continue to rise (which won't happen if level unwrapped due to 'temperature stall', where the evaporative effective on the meat's surface stops it's temperature rising).

However, the amount of charcoal required for a full 12 hr offset smoker cook is ridiculous - something like 10kg of lumpwood charcoal (and it has to be lumpwood in order to be able to easily add into the existing fire). This can get expensive, so often, it can be more cost effective to complete the cooking process in the oven or slow cooker.

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