World-Famous Best Waldorf Chicken Salad Recipe

World-famous Best Waldorf Chicken Salad Recipe

I am a big fan of salads, though more the American type – e.g. celery, cucumber and mayonnaise based ones rather than the UK lettuce versions. This is a quick and easy salad to make that is the perfect sandwich filler (well, if you like to make monster sandwiches or bagels, like me!) or great as a starter with a bit of rocket salad on the side for a lovely peppery contrast.

This recipe may notice borrows some ingredients from the world famous Waldorf Salad, but uses apple instead of grapes, which complements the chicken much better (grapes being too watery and soft in texture).

The original Waldorf salad was invited in the mid-1890s at the Waldorf Hotel in New York, although the original Waldorf salad recipe did not include walnuts. I have included the best Waldorf chicken salad recipe as there are often times after a roast when there is lots of chicken left over and it’s not quite clear what to do with it … well, here you go. Just keep some walnuts in your cupboard and you are ready to go (I am assuming that you would already have cucumber and celery in your fridge!)

World-Famous Best Waldorf Chicken Salad on the Planet Recipe Ingredients

4 roasted chicken legs, de-boned and roughly chopped
3 sticks of celery (medium chopped)
1/4 cucumber (medium chopped)
1/2 an apple (medium chopped)
Handful of walnuts
6 baby plum tomatoes (quartered)
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
2 tablespoons of low fat yogurts
1 heaped teaspoon of sugar
Grind of pepper

Making the World-Famous Best Waldorf Chicken Salad on the Planet

  1. Simple – chop the ingredients
  2. Mix in a bowl
  3. Add mayonnaise, yogurt and sugar – mix and chill for 15 mins.
  4. Job done!

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