Pear & Vanilla Vodka Cocktail

Sexy Cocktail Recipe – A Nice Pear

In spite of drinking lots of amazing cocktails here in Bournemouth, it’s not very often we post up cocktail recipes – so you know this is a good one! If you visit 1812, you might recognise some similarity with their ‘Pear & Apple Crush’ – but this is MUCH more complex in terms of taste (and less sweet).

Nice Pear - Sexy Drink / Cocktail Recipe

Shot of Vanilla Vodka
Shot of Goldschlager
Measure of Fresh Pear Juice
Juice Measure of Cream Soda

Making 'A Nice Pear'

Keep it simple but chilled. This is a cocktail recipe which I invented while in Whistler, Canada doing as snowboard season. When the clouds set in, there isn’t much to do except chill and drink – so we had lots of time to experiment with cocktail recipe ideas. This cocktail is relatively sweet but the Goldschlager gives it a bit of bite.

A few tricks for this recipe:

Keep the Vanilla Vodka in the freezer – it’s much smoother to drink – thank you Finns.
Use just a hint of cinnamon – Goldschlager already has some cinnamon taste.

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